James Blunt will be presenting a one hour special on hospital radio norwich on Saturday May 30th at 5pm during the hour he will play a varies selection of music (Not his) but the show will include his latest release 'The Greatest'

On the 12th of April HRN took the plunge and went on so listeners can hear us country wide, with the aim of allowing family & friends fo patients to be able to hear the requests.

as HRN currently cannot ward visit the plan was set up within 72 hours

The service is available on computers, laptops, mobile phones & smart speakers

To listen just click the listen live text which will open a windo to play live through the browser or click the relevant icon to activate an app on your phone or tablet or pc program

If the trial goes OK and we can raise the funds to pay for the cost of an online service we will continue

Alan Dedicoat
Hospital Radio Norwich has updated some of it jingles with the help of Alan Dedicoat (Voice of the balls & Strictly Come Dancing. Whilst at the Hospital Broadcasting Association's annual conference our chairman met Alan and asked if he could record some bits for us which he duly did and they have now been edited at our own studio in to a new selection of Jingles promoting our request show and general station identification making the station sound even better  

Due to the coronavirus our studio is unmanned at present and ward visiting is currently not allowed under to the current guidelines. Programmes are now being undertaken within our members homes and our phone number has been diverted to allow patients to call in and still get their favourite songs played by calling *800 from your Hospedia unit or 01603 454585

Also your family can tune in at home to share your requests as HRN is now online and phone in requests or fill out the online form for the patients

Also as the chaplains are unable to run the Sunday service in the hospital they, similarly are recording the service at home and forwarding it to HRN in time for the 10:30am broadcast

ASDA cheque presentationHRN was top out of 3 contenders in their  presented with a cheque for £500 by Saffron King, who is ASDA’s [Boundary Road] Community Champion the 'Green Token giving' scheme run by ASDA Foundation, gives out tokens to customers at the checkout and they place the token in the box of their choice and HRN came top with the runners up being awarded £200 each. Chairman Mike Sarre said the money will go towards our communication expenses and thanked all ASDA customers that participated in helping them get the award.

Photo (left to right) Bob Proudfoot (treasurer), Irenee Batch (Secretary) & Saffron King (ASDA’s Community Champion [Boundary Road] ).